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We are a founding Curiosity Approach nursery

Kidaroo Childcare is working towards being an accredited “Curiosity Approach” nursery. Our children are encouraged to explore learning through their environment without the limitations of traditional plastic toys.

Messy Play Every Day

We believe that play should be expressive, explorational and of course messy. Our children are encouraged to make a mess, to enjoy the creative process and to come home covered in paint.

Outdoor Play

Our outside play area is always accessible. Tjhis huge area is a fantastic resource for our children ensuring that they always have space to run around, express themselves through energetic play and learn in the outdoors whatever the weather.

Bravery in Play

We encourage our children to play bravely, by managing and taking risks, exploring the outdoor space, balancing, climbing and swinging. 

Extension of home

We are proud to announce that Kidaroo Childcare is an extension of your home and not a watered down version of school, everything about our nursery portrays calm tranquillity. From the calm neutral tones which ensure children are not overstimulated. Gone are the brightly painted walls and windows, natural light cascades into every room.

Traditional nurseries are often a primary colour explosion with a wealth of plastic manufactured toys, we have moved away from this traditional way of thinking and firmly believe children need calm and space to focus on the task or activity at hand. They need to feel relaxed and at ease in their environment and no bombarded by over stimulation of bright colours, harsh lighting plastic resources.

At our nursery children are offered an array of beautiful natural resources, which offer an array of textures to explore and investigate. Recycled materials and loose parts offer children the opportunity to think!

Happy confident children

At Kidaroo Childcare it is our aim to create an environment which nurtures happy confidence children. Each room within the nursery offers thoughtful invitations and provocations to learning, which inspire children to explore and investigate.
Curiosity is an innate drive within young children and our mindful practitioners ensure activities are planned to help inspire inquisitive minds. Through personal and emotional development, children gain a sense of belonging at our setting. The feel completely at ease and confident within their play space. Happy confident children will thrive and develop, they will feel secure in their surroundings and build strong relationships with our caring experienced team.

Each child has their own special key person who will work closely with children in their group, they track their progress through online learning journeys which can be assessed from the comfort of your own home or whilst at work. Key persons will invite you in to chat about your child’s progress on a regular basis throughout the year. Our aim is to build excellent parent partnership between ourselves and you the main educators of your child. Together we can help your child reach their full potential.

Outdoor Play

We have an amazing outdoor play space and we offer outdoor play all day every day, no matter the weather! Children learn about the world from their experiences and the adults around them.

We facilitate and allow children to see awe and wonder in this incredible world and seek pleasure in being! We believe that outdoor play provides opportunities to feel joy and happiness from the simplest of moments and things. Every day is a new opportunity to explore, be adventurous, discover , take risks and develop fine and gross motor skills!