Kidaroo Childcare - Immunisation
The purpose of immunisation is to prepare our body to fight against diseases in case we come into contact with them. To do this immunisation gives the body a modified, but not dangerous, form of a bacteria, virus or toxin to 'alert' the immune system to it. Therefore if the infection is encountered later in life, the body is already prepared to act against it. For example, when your child is immunised against polio the immune system is stimulated into producing antibodies against the disease. Therefore, if your child comes into contact with polio their body will have produced the antibodies to fight it.
There are several immunisations that your child should have and below is the schedule for routine childhood immunisations in the United Kingdom. It is in accordance with the recommendations given in Immunisation Against Infectious Disease (1996) HMSO, also known as 'The Green Book'.
If you would like to find out more about the individual immunisations please click on the relevant link below
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