Kidaroo Childcare - Development
Here's how we support and extend children's learning in the early years
1. Creative Development 
 Being creative, responding to experiences, expressing & communicating ideas, exploring media & materials (2D & 3D representations), creating music and dance, developing imagination and imaginative play
2. Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Dispositions & attitudes, self-care, making relationships, sense of community, self-confidence & self-esteem, behaviour & self-control
3 . Communication, Language & Literacy
Language for communication, language for thinking, linking sounds & letters, reading, and writing.
4. Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
Numbers as labels for counting, calculating, shape, space & measures.
5. Knowledge & Understanding of the World
Exploration & investigation, designing & making, ICT, time, place and communities.
6. Physical Development
Movement & space, health & bodily awareness, using equipment and materials
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