Kidaroo Childcare - Connecting to nature

Connecting to Nature 
Kidaroo Ravenhurst  and Kirby Muxloe are restarting ‘ Connecting to Nature’ every Friday.

The natural environment provides a wealth of opportunity to expand young children’s learning through multi-sensory exploration, experimentation and adult-supervised play.The overall ethos of Forest School is to allow the children to explore both the… natural world and their own abilities in a safe and secure setup. The carefully managed off site and ‘hands-off’ supervision of Forest School curriculum gives the children almost complete freedom of action, so they can explore all aspects of the outdoor environment in their own way, in a location where they can safely explore, play and ‘challenge’ themselves.This is often of particular benefit to children who may not show their true potential in a what could be termed a ‘normal’ pre-school setting. The freedom to set their own goals and challenges in the outdoor setting can sometimes trigger quite significant advances in their development .
Risk assessments are carried out before all off site visits and there are high staff to child ratios
Below are some of the comments and quotes that encourage reflection and inspire the staff team:
"If we really want children to thrive we need to let their connection to nature nurture them". 
(Claire Warden 2007)
Socrates said "Wisdom begins with wonder".
I saw a boy look at the petrol on the ground and say to his Mummy "Look, we have a melted rainbow!".
"Lets put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children". (Sitting Bull)
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